Cross-media marketing programme for Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design is a world-renowned institution with a significant international community among its staff and students. Jannuzzi Smith have pioneered a cross-media approach to their marketing programme, combining experience in the fields of strategic planning, creative visual design and technological know-how.

The College’s ever-changing body of work becomes an integral part of the visual identity, with an online system allowing editors to select and use images in a variety of publications in accordance with their communication values. Each publication or strand of the communications strategy is then designed to reach some or all of the target audience, defined as a number of specific ‘personas’. Every image selected for inclusion within these communications is applied using this system, ensuring that key messages are always conveyed pertinently.

The range of communications (websites, prospectuses, leaflets, posters, banners) are also designed with a view to saving editorial and production time, reducing costs and lessening their impact on the environment. A relational database built by Jannuzzi Smith for the College website has been extended to populate the printed prospectuses dynamically. Documents consisting of hundreds of pages with an extensive range of full- and part-time courses are created instantly, on demand. The design of these publications is of paramount importance, so the system was built to support highly complex layouts and sophisticated typographic detailing, with the added benefit of greater accuracy and consistency.

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design