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  • An illustration from Diplomacy with a Public Face, a report presenting to the Swiss Parliament the activities of UK+CH (a programme run by the Swiss government to promote cultural, political and economic partnerships with the United Kingdom). To highlight the success of the programme we collated and photographed examples of the media coverage generated by its activities. The featured initiative shows Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations, being presented with a copy of Water, Source of Life, a book of poems and paintings by schoolchildren, produced in support of the UN International Year of Freshwater. We designed and published the book, which was shortlisted for a Spotlight Award for print design.

    Our wider role in the UK+CH programme includes helping to define a communication strategy and creating a unifying visual identity. These activities, and our work on other specific initiatives, contributed to the Swiss Embassy in London being voted one of the best communicators amongst UK embassies in a survey by The Diplomat.

Diplomacy with a Public Face