Communication consultancy for a new Swiss national park

Jannuzzi Smith has been appointed communication consultant for Parc Adula. With a budget of just over 6 million Swiss Francs the project aims to develop a new national park in the heart of the Alps.

To turn this vision into a reality, Parc Adula intends to instigate a series of projects that will be developed in open discussion with local residents, interested economic parties and the associations working in the Adula region, upholding four principal strategic objectives:

  • the creation of a central zone that will identify, understand and safeguard all the aspects relating to nature, its biodiversity and its extraordinary vital energy;
  • the creation of a peripheral zone aimed at enhancing the cultural landscape and developing a point of convergence between people and their habitat, in harmony with the elements of nature;
  • the definition of a sustainable way (the Parc Adula model) of development, aimed at creating added value and improving the activities available to people;
  • the creation of an educational offering, a structure that is open to research and development, which promotes innovation, technology and knowledge.