Festival del film Locarno presents the 2008 poster

Film Festival Locarno unveiled the poster for this year’s events at the Solothurn Film Festival this month. The presentation has become something of an annual tradition, presenting the key visual motif of the years events, which will be incorporated in the Festival’s advertising, merchandising, and information, and marking the beginning of a series of events that will see the Festival touring Berlin, Cannes, Rome, London and Los Angeles ahead of opening its own event in early August.

In an extension of last year’s major re-branding exercise, Jannuzzi Smith has created a poster featuring ‘Chota’, the new symbol of the Festival. Chota lives in a zoological sanctuary in the Oxfordshire countryside. Blind at birth, she was rejected by her mother, but under the care of a watchful keeper she regained her sight and now thrives – by turn playful and dangerous, always elegant. (Photography by Tim Flach)