Who the Hell is Müller-Brockmann? Conversations about the Swiss Style

Over the course of a residency at a London gallery, Swiss designer Demian Conrad invited Michele Jannuzzi alongside an array of graphic designers and typographers to share the anecdotes, stories and scandals that have marked the international design scene over the course of the last century. The result is Who the Hell is Müller-Brockmann? an examination of the ways in which the Swiss Style influenced British graphic design and vice versa.

A book by Demian Conrad with contributions by Bruno Maag, Fraser Muggeridge, Freda Sack, Holger Jacobs, Michele Jannuzzi, Richard Hollis, Robin Kinross and Sara De Bondt. Who the Hell is Müller-Brockmann? is prefaced by David Kilian Beck and includes an essay by Adrian Shaughnessy.

Published by Niggli.

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