The Leopards of Locarno (not public)

EMBARGO: Pending confirmation

Jannuzzi Smith have undertaken a photographic project to portray the people of Festival del film Locarno. During 11 days last August, Jannuzzi Smith created portraits of cinema-goers, critics, actors, directors and people from the many other walks of life who visit the Festival.

The aim is to highlight the myriad leopards circulating discretely within the Festival. From the hundreds of images produced we have shortlisted the portraits that will represent the 68th Festival del film Locarno.

You have kindly taken part to the photographic project “The Leopards of Locarno” and I am glad to inform you that your portrait has been selected as one of the images to represent Festival del film Locarno 2015. Would the image meet your approval Festival del film Locarno would be delighted to offer you a special signed limited edition print

Festival del film Locarno hopes you’ll be confirming your participation to the project.