“Animated” cinema tickets for Cinémathèque suisse

To celebrate and promote Cinémathèque suisse’s extensive film collection we have produced a new range of cinema tickets portraying iconic scenes from some of the classic movies held within the institution’s archives. Designed to hint at the magic of cinema – and by extension the importance of the work of the Cinémathèque in preserving and presenting film – the reverse of the tickets feature stills from different movies, printed in silver. A run of tickets reveals successive frames, collectively resembling a strip of film, thereby (with a little imagination) bringing the scenes to life.

The tickets will be used at a number of venues run by Cinémathèque suisse, including the historic Capitole in Lausanne. The initial featured films are: North by Northwest directed by Alfred Hitchcock, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg, Charles mort ou vif by Alain Tanner, L’Invitation by Claude Goretta, City Lights by Charles Chaplin and Le Sang d’un poète by Jean Cocteau. Further films will be added over the coming months and years.