UK+CH, diplomacy with a public face

Diplomacy with a Public Face, a report presenting to the Swiss Parliament the activities of UK+CH (a programme run by Presence Switzerland, the Swiss government agency to promote cultural, political and economic partnerships with the United Kingdom).

Our wider role in the UK+CH programme includes helping to define a communication strategy and creating a unifying visual identity. These activities, and our work on other specific initiatives, contributed to the Swiss Embassy in London being voted one of the best communicators amongst UK embassies in a survey by The Diplomat.

UK+CH Presence Switzerland
Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations, being presented with a copy of Water, Source of Life, a book of poems and paintings by schoolchildren, produced in support of the UN International Year of Freshwater. We designed and published the book, which was shortlisted for a Spotlight Award for print design.