New visual identity for Ascona Locarno

Jannuzzi Smith rebranded Ascona Locarno with a comprehensive strategy that captures the essence and unique characteristics of the destination, aligning it with the desired image and target audience.

This rebranding of one of Switzerland’s most important tourist destinations builds on the foundations laid by Jannuzzi Smith in 2015 and focuses on refreshing the brand while staying true to its personality and values.

The work includes the redesign of the destination’s website, all printed materials from flyers to brochures, audio-visual and online presence on social media.

Through a holistic approach that integrates brand positioning, visual identity refresh, enhanced messaging and storytelling, digital transformation, strategic partnerships, community engagement and ongoing monitoring, Jannuzzi Smith is strengthening Ascona Locarno’s appeal to visitors and reinforcing its position as a premier tourist destination.