Can you see

Jannuzzi Smith has created and produced Can you see — a short film for Pini Group.

The film highlights the often invisible work behind engineering. Engineers play a crucial role in designing, constructing, and maintaining the infrastructure that we rely on every day. Their work involves extensive research, calculations, meticulous planning, risk assessment and collaboration with other professionals.

Dancers devote countless hours of practice and training to hone their skills and achieve the level of mastery required to perform on stage. Dance may appear effortless and graceful when executed by professionals, but it takes years of dedication, discipline and physical conditioning.

Both engineers and dancers exemplify the notion that success in any field often requires significant behind-the-scenes effort, commitment, passion, agility and talent. It is essential to recognise and appreciate the invisible work and dedication that individuals put into their chosen pursuits, as it allows us to better understand and value the accomplishments and contributions they make to society.

Can you see is asking the viewer to reflect upon the invisible work behind engineering.

Dancers: Adrien Tan and Valentin Genin (Cie Evolves)
Writing, production and live-action film direction: Mathilde Menusier
Dancers’ scenes filming and editing: Samuel Thomas, Pierre Basla
Motion Design: Christophe Davids
Music and sound design: Amplitudo
Creative direction: Michele Jannuzzi with Mathilde Menusier
A production by Jannuzzi Smith