Einfach besser – The national campaign to promote basic skills.

Finding the next bus connection on the cell phone, calculating the discount in the store, writing a message to a colleague in the office or filling in the tax form – for many people in Switzerland, this is not a matter of course. On the contrary: more than 400,000 adults in Switzerland have difficulties with elementary arithmetic operations in everyday life. In addition there are 800,000 adults who cannot read and write fluently and consequently have difficulty understanding a text.
Mandated by the Intercantonal Conference for Continuing Education and the Swiss Reading and Writing Federation, Jannuzzi Smith developed the new national campaign that aims to motivate adults who experience difficulties in basic skills to attend a course in calculus, computer science, reading or writing.
The nationwide campaign is developed in a classic media-mix, involving television, urban billboards, on public transportation, online and social media.
Jannuzzi Smith developed the campaign through a process that involved the same groups of users targeted by the campaign, involving them in a series of creative writing workshops, held in the three language regions of the country, aimed at writing, through a participatory process, the key messages of the campaign