Laurence King publishes New Media Design,   28 | 10 | 2007

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Jannuzzi Smith’s work features in New Media Design by Richard Doust and Tricia Austin – a 192-page soft-back published by Laurence King.

The book explains how graphic designers use computers as a medium to combine word, image, motion, sound and user interaction for the internet, TV, promos, games, animation, CDs and exhibitions. Mapping the spectrum of career opportunities created by digital technologies in the industry, it also describes the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to enter the profession and captures the flavour and excitement of working in this field. The authors’ broad perspective – taking in everything from photography and illustration to motion, environmental and wearable graphics – describes the growing importance of new media graphic designers in developing new experiences for the information and entertainment industries across the globe. Sections on online design and imaginary worlds – including virtual worlds, digital FX and games – map out recent and future technological developments and their implications for the designers of today and tomorrow.

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