Royal College of Art Sculpture building official opening,  28 | 1 | 2009

Royal College of art, Jannuzzi Smith

Jannuzzi Smith has designed and produced the branding and signage for the renovated Royal College of Art Sculpture building in Battersea. The building was designed by architects Wright and Wright and officially opened by sculptor Antony Gormley. Jannuzzi Smith has also now been appointed as branding and signage design consultants for the wider development of the College’s Fine Art campus in Battersea over the next few years. The campus branding is an extension of Jannuzzi Smith’s identity for the Royal College of Art, and utilises a new typeface designed by the agency: ‘Cal’, a sans-serif derived from ‘Calvert’ (by Margaret Calvert, 1980), which is at the core of the College’s identity. The overall project involves developing and implementing a visual strategy for the campus, including the branding of key aspects through to internal and external way-finding signage.

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View from Howie Street