Mobile website for the Royal College of Art,  22 | 6 | 2011

Royal College of Art - Show 2011

Jannuzzi Smith have created a mobile-friendly website for the Royal College of Art’s summer degree shows. The site is driven by the same database as the College’s main website, also created by Jannuzzi Smith, thereby streamlining production efforts, but presents a view that is tailored for use with mobile devices. Within the College galleries, each student’s work is tagged with QR codes – bar codes that can be scanned by iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones – enabling visitors to link directly to supplementary information in the mobile website.


Jannuzzi Smith ha creato un sito mobile per Royal College of Art “Summer Degree Shows”. Il sito generato dallo stesso database usato dal sito ufficiale, anche creato da Jannuzzi Smith, presenta una un’interfaccia appositamente progettata per i piccoli schermi. All’interno delle gallerie ogni esposto è corredato da un codice QR che puņ essere scansito da iPhone, iPad o smartphone Android – permettendo così al visitatore di raggiugere direttamente la pagina desiderata. 

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